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은석훈 대표이사

Sukhoon Eun / CEO


Founder of Superstring who successfully rebounded from his first loss in 2012. In 2007, he ventured into the fintec industry by proposing ideas of a mobile wallet and payment system, which were unheard of at that time. He majored in law from Hanyang University and gained his Masters in Law from the University of London. He has worked at Hana Financial Group Inc. and Hana Bank.

강승현 기획팀장

Seunghyeon Kang / Planning Manager


The first to join the team in November 2013, she is a business partner who has celebrated our highs and battled our lows till present day. An industrial design graduate from Seoul Women’s University, she started working with the team as a designer. Later her talent, enthusiasm and her unique approach to problem solving saw her transition into her current role as our head planner.

레한 칸(Rehan Khan) 프로젝트 담당

Rehan Khan Director / Project Development


After over a decade of success in healthcare and project management, Rehan met Sukhoon at an international conference in Seoul. Post three months of meticulous contemplation, he agreed to join Superstring to take charge of the global consulting and outsourcing business. An MBA graduate from Northwestern University and the Melbourne Business School, Rehan has worked with several global powerhouses like GE and Siemens.

김동곤 COO

Dong-Gon Kim / COO


Working at Intertech in the C-Lab located at Creative Economy Innovation Center in Daegu, Dong-Gon was preparing for early retirement after having secured his first round of investment. Before he left, he was successfully persuaded to join Superstring. Dong-Gon brings to Superstring many years of valuable life experience and over 15 years of IT experience. He studied at the Kyungbook University and has worked as the Director of Planning at Softgild, Tujun and BNK.

윤인규 프로그래머

In-gyu Yoon / Programmer


In-gyu is a promising programmer who programmed the Hetekee prototype app in 2 months, work that would have taken 6 months if outsourced. His prototype won the grand prize for Superstring at the IBK Fintec Dream Contest. In-gyu is a final semester student at the Kyungbook University at the Department of Electronic Engineering.

강희수 디자이너

Heesoo Kang / Designer


An outstanding designer with excellent communication skills, Heesoo majored in visual art design from the Seoul Women’s University and has worked as a freelance designer at design agencies and KBS. Her curiosity to explore fintech, has led her to join Superstring as our key designer.

채리 라이어트(Charey Ryatt) 인턴, UK Post

Charey Ryatt interned, UK Post


Charey interned at Superstring while she was an exchange student at the Kyungbook University during the first semester of 2015. She was in-charge of the researching digital banks, global fintech providers and networking. After returning to the UK, Charey has continued to support the consulting and outsourcing business.